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Create your own‼️ DOPiFiED Submarine SharkolphinZ subCrafts‼️ We can create 1 for you✅

Create your own‼️ DOPiFiED Submarine SharkolphinZ subCrafts‼️ We can create 1 for you✅

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  • 12-18 Days Delivery Time
  • Message for custom color‼️
  • Seats:1 or 2
  • Horsepower:226 - 300hp
  • Cylinders:4
  • Engine Capacity:> 1500cc
  • Length:3100*1200*1100mm
  • Place of Origin:United States
  • Brand Name: DOPiFiEDseabreacherZ
  • Color: variety
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Application:Warter Sports
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Packaging DetailsThis model incorporates a jet drive for increased safety and better surface performance. The Z model is able to be registered as a conventional powerboat.
  • PortFrance
  • Picture Example:



Seabreacher Z

The Z model is the first Seabreacher with a fully retractable snorkel, allowing pilot and passenger to experience the thrill of high speed 360 degree barrel rolls. The Z model, which replaces the original J model, retains the friendly dolphin style body but with much higher performance and “aquabatic” capabilities. This new model will come standard with a Rotax 260hp supercharged engine, two seats, and a fully vectored thrust system.

In Stock Seabreacher X,Y,Z submersible watercraft



Seabreacher X


The Seabreacher X is the latest and most advanced submersible watercraft that we have built to date: This exciting new version is based on the dolphin-inspired Seabreacher J, but it has a more aggressive Shark-style body. The X model also steps up the performance envelope with a 260hp supercharged engine, propelling the vessel to a top speed of 50mph on the surface and 25mph below.

 In Stock Seabreacher X,Y,Z submersible watercraft

Seabreacher Y

The killer whale inspired Seabrecher Y is the latest watercraft to join the Seabreacher fleet. The new model incorporates design features that give the appearance of a real whale; including a more rounded off nose, large whale tail, new pectoral fins, and a taller dorsal fin. The larger modified tail fin was ad



  • Length: 17.3' (5.27m)
  • Width: 3.4' (1.0m)
  • Wingspan : 7.8' (2.3m)
  • Height : 4.8' (1.5m)
  • Approx. weight 1349lb (612kg)
  • Seating Capacity : 2
  • Max surface speed: 47 Knots (88km/h)
  • Max submerged speed: 21 Knots (40km/h)
  • Max depth: 5-6 feet (1.8m)
  • Fuel capacity: 52 Litres



  • Tinted Canopy
  • Underwater viewports
  • Electronics / Instrumentation package
  • Custom upholstery
  • Custom paint job
  • Custom built matching trailer


Engine / Drive

  • ROTAX 1500cc 4 stroke engine
  • 260 hp Supercharged Rotax
  • high output, low emission, quiet
  • Axial Flow jet pump
  • Forward, Neutral, Reverse
  • Reliable in fresh or salt water
  • All components can be serviced at your local watercraft dealership



  • Impact resistant monocoque structure
  • Positively buoyant self righting hull design
  • Inflatable aircraft seal keeps cockpit and engine bay water tight
  • Three automatic bilge pumps
  • Collapsible nose section in the event of frontal impact
  • Break away wing tips
  • All marine approved engine components and hardware
  • Onboard fire extinguisher

In Stock Seabreacher X,Y,Z submersible watercraft


Optional safety equipment

  • ½ inch acrylic canopy
  • 5 point racing harness
  • On board spare air
  • On board communication
  • snorkel mounted video camera and dash mounted display


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