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VEKAIN kids mini electric kids excavator rides! Amusement park rides & kids toy games

VEKAIN kids mini electric kids excavator rides! Amusement park rides & kids toy games

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  • Occasion:indoor commercial amusement park, trampoline park, adventure park, shopping mall, outdoor public playground, camping area, kindergarten, educational play area, kindergarten, daycare, training center, garden, commercial, public, educational
  • Brand Name:VEKAIN
  • Model Number:WZD-11
  • Type:children excavator, kids excavator toy, other toys and hobbies
  • Size:350*88*193cm
  • Power:1.58kw
  • Voltage:110V/220V
  • Material:Steel
  • Product name:Amusement park mini kids electric excavator
  • model:coin operated amusement park products
  • supplier:Chinese suppliers
  • Color:Customized
  • Usage:Playground
  • Combo Set Offered:3
  • Supply Ability
    100 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Packaging Details
    wooden box
  • Picture Example:
  • Shipping: 10-17 days

kids mini electric kids excavator rides! Amusement park rides kids toy games electric mini excavator



Product Photos of Children Excavator WZD-11

 Kids excavator is electro-hydraulic excavator amusement equipment, mainly by the chassis, the chassis, boom, arm, bucket, power unit, control unit, slewing ring, rotary motors, hydraulic cylinders, and electronic auxiliary control system, run slow, controllable. Pleasure Excavator General powered by an electric motor, hydraulic pump driven by the control unit, the pressure is assigned to unit. 

 It can train baby’s ability of practice and thought.It possess all functions of real excavator,which can rotation and flex the excavator arm.It mamimum stimulate the interest to machine, it also exercise and cultivate teenagers ,is the entertainment and scientific tools,suitable for all kinds of playground, parks and other recreation use,favored by the vast number of tourists love and welcome.


 Products details

Characteristics of VEKAIN excavator

1.Coin control mode, remote control mode,free mode three types to choose. 
2.High simulation of large excavator appearance, simple and elegant appearance,black curved roof, super mechanical sense.
3.Whole simulation of electro-hydraulic excavators, excavator operation function and engineering,high technology sense, high simulation of black real leather operating rod,comfortable hand feel ,easy to operate.
4.Powerful, have a dig depth,but the depth of the excavation can be controlled.suitable for sand,soil,Corn kernels, semen cassia, sea balls,suitable for indoor and outdoor.
5.The rotation Angle of the excavator can be adjusted to 360/180/90 degrees, the rotation Angle can be adjusted according to the area of the place.
6.Suitable for indoor and outdoor amusement park, playground,play center,science museum, plaza etc.
7.For the whole family to participate.For children and adults over 3 years of age, can ride both an adult and a child at the same time.Suitable for parent-child games.
8.Business forms, you can experience the operation, contests, also according to the digging of the award, participate in interactive games, appearance, entertaining. 
9.Can be equipped, sand traps, or ocean ball pool 2, can also be more site design pond.


Detail Parameters

Realated products


Step 1:Use bubble wrap to cover the children excavator with 5 layers

Step 2: Use three layers of stretch film to cover the children excavator that has been wrapped in bubble film

Step 3: Place the wrapped children excavator into a wooden case or steel frame, or make a wooden bottom for the children excavator

Step 4: Load the packed children excavators into containers or trucks and go by sea, land or air


For 90% of our shipment,we will go by sea.We can send it by sea, land or air according to customer's requirements.

The quantity of children excavators loaded in containers

container wooden case packing
20GP 6-10 pieces
40GP 20 pieces

Different models,different quantity of loading. 



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