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Bluetooth Smart Vibration Eye Massager Eye Care Device Hot Compress Glasses Instrument Music Foldable Eye Protection

Bluetooth Smart Vibration Eye Massager Eye Care Device Hot Compress Glasses Instrument Music Foldable Eye Protection

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Shopping  Notice:

1. The product adopts lithium battery, which can be used repeatedly after charging. Remember not to keep charging state for a long time, seriously affect the battery and product life;

2. The product shall not be exposed to sunlight or high temperature for a long time;

3. This product is not in use, please keep it in off state (a hot compress course of this product is 15 minutes; It will shut down automatically after 15 minutes; if you want to continue when using, please reboot).

Functional Operating Instructions:

- ① Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on. The default mode is "low temperature Hot pack ", blue light display;

② Click to switch to "medium temperature hot compress", Yellow light display;

③ Click again to switch to "hot pack", Red light display;

④ Click again to switch to "the highest temperature hot pack", blue   Yellow   red light, full display;

⑤ Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off.

- High grade, with vibration function. Double click to go "vibration mode -"; click again to switch into "vibration mode 2". Click back to initial mode (hot pack function).

- Bluetooth connection is supported playing music or when it's on audio, it's connected within 3 minutes of turning on the phone.

Connection Method same as general Bluetooth connection.

- When charging, the product battery symbol light flashes, indicating

Charging; When the power symbol light stops flashing, indicates full charge. Please unplug the charging device. The charging timeis about 50 minutes;

Product Features:

1. Made of high quality material, safe, durable, eco-friendly and harmless to your skin.

3. Four Gear Constant temperature hot compress, activate blood circulation, eyes nutrient absorption capacity and enhance skin elasticity.

4. Vibration massage, vibrate the eye muscle group, restore the flexibility of ciliary muscle, improve eye fatigue.

5. Music guide, it can help you restore energy about 15 minutes of music.

6. Perfect for reducing fine lines, anti-wrinkles, fading dark circle, fading eye bags and other eye problems.

7. Suitable for school students, computer operators, people who use their eyes for a long time.

8. Foldable design, easy and convenient to carry in travel.

Package List:

1* Hot Compress Eye Massager

1* USB Charging Cable

1* Chinese User Manual

1* Retail Box

Pressure Massage Version Eye Massager




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